Creation in crisis : Christian perspectives on sustainability

White, R. S. (2009) Creation in crisis : Christian perspectives on sustainability. SPCK, London. ISBN 9780281061907 (pbk) 0281061904 (pbk)

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Introduction / Robert S. White -- Sustainable climate and the future of energy / James J. McCarthy -- Responding to climate change: how much should we discount the future? / Donald A. Hay -- International governance and root causes of unsustainability / Brain Heap, Flavio Comim and George Wilkes -- Population matters: voluntary contraception for environmental sustainability / John Guillebaud and Pete Moore -- Natural disasters: acts of God or results of human folly? / Robert S. White -- Just food: a biblical perspective on culture and agriculture / Ellen F. Davis -- Unsustainable agriculture and land use: restoring stewardship for biospheric sustainability / Calvin B. DeWitt -- Water, water... / Richard C. Carter -- Globalization, ecology and poverty / C. René Padilla -- Justice for all earth: society, ecoloy and the biblical prophets / Hilary Marlow -- Jesus, God and nature in the Gospels / Richard Bauckham -- Sustaining ethical life in the Anthropocene / Michael Northcott -- Creation and new creation: transforming Christian perspectives / Douglas J. Moo -- Environmental unsustainability and a biblical vision of the earth's future / Jonathon Moo.

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