Non-Invasive Turbulent Mixing Across a Density Interface in a Turbulent Taylor–Couette Flow

Woods, Andrew W. and Caulfield, C. P. and Landel, J. R. and Kuesters, A. (2010) Non-Invasive Turbulent Mixing Across a Density Interface in a Turbulent Taylor–Couette Flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 663. pp. 347-357. DOI

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In this paper, we present new experimental measurements of the turbulent transport of salt across an interface between two layers of fluid of equal depth but different salinities. The fluid is confined to a cylindrical annulus with a vertical axis. The outer cylinder is stationary and the inner cylinder rotates to produce a turbulent flow field consisting of an approximately irrotational mean azimuthal flow, with narrow boundary layers on the inner and outer cylinders. We focus on the limit of high-Richardson-number flow, defined as Ri = gΔρH/(ρ0u2rms), where ρ0 is a reference density, Δρ is the time-dependent difference of the layers' mean densities, urms is the root mean square of the turbulent velocity fluctuations and H is the layer depth. The mean flow has Reynolds number of the order of 104−105, and the turbulent fluctuations in the azimuthal and radial directions have root-mean-square speed of order 10% of the mean azimuthal flow. Measurements based on our experimental system show that when the Richardson number is in the range 7 < Ri < 200, the interface between the two layers remains sharp, each layer remains well mixed, and the vertical flux of salt between the layers, Fs ~(1.15 ± 0.15)Ri−1

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Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Volume: 663
Page Range: pp. 347-357
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Date Deposited: 04 Nov 2011 18:21
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