Geological History of Britain and Ireland, 2nd Edition

Woodcock, N. H. and Strachan, R. A. (2012) Geological History of Britain and Ireland, 2nd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978-1-4051-9381-8

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ritain, Ireland and their surrounding areas have a remarkably varied geology for so small a fragment of continental crust. This region contains a fine rock record from all the geological periods from Quaternary back to Cambrian, and a less continuous but still impressive catalogue of events back through nearly 2500 million years of Precambrian time. This protracted geological history would have been interesting enough to reconstruct if it had been played out on relatively stable continental crust. However, Britain and Ireland have developed instead at a tectonic crossroads, on crust traversed intermittently by subduction zones and volcanic arcs, continental rifts and mountain belts. The resulting complexity makes the geological history of this region at once fascinating and perplexing. Geological History of Britain and Ireland tells the geological story of the region at a level accessible to undergraduate geologists, as well as to postgraduates, professionals or informed amateurs. The book takes a multi-disciplinary rather than a purely stratigraphical approach, and aims to bring to life the processes behind the catalogue of historical events. Full coverage is given to the rich Precambrian and Early Palaeozoic history, as well as to later events more relevant to hydrocarbon exploration. The book is profusely illustrated and contains guides to further reading and full references to data sources, making it an essential starting point for more detailed studies of the regional geology. All British Earth science undergraduates will be required to spend some time studying British Geological History, and this book will be the only one available to British undergraduates The book takes a process-based approach, rather than simply describing the regional stratigraphy Lavishly illustrated with high-quality diagrams

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