Nanostructure and crystallography of aberrant columnar vaterite in Corbicula fluminea (Mollusca)

Frenzel, Max and Harrison, R. J. and Harper, E. M. (2012) Nanostructure and crystallography of aberrant columnar vaterite in Corbicula fluminea (Mollusca). Journal of Structural Biology, 178 (1). pp. 8-18. DOI


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Both the crystallographic and nanostructural organisation of aberrant columnar vaterite occurring in C. fluminea were characterised in detail for the first time using electron microscopic and x-ray powder diffraction techniques. At the millimetre scale, only a confinement of the otherwise randomly oriented c-axis to the growth surface is observed. Domains of one hundred or more individual vaterite columns with common c-axis orientation exist within this disordered material. Each column behaves as a single crystal on the scale of EBSD measurements, but is internally composed of smaller (0.3 – 1.3 μm in dimension) irregularly shaped and slightly misaligned crystalline units. These are in turn partitioned by porous boundaries into rounded nanodomains, up to 600 nm in size. The geometry of the nanodomains and their respective boundaries might suggest formation by the accretion of vesicles. In addition to crystallographic textures, this observation indicates formation under significant biological control with wider implications for possible causes of the condition.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: 2011AREP; IA63; Part II
Subjects: 99 - Other
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Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Structural Biology
Volume: 178
Page Range: pp. 8-18
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Date Deposited: 02 Feb 2012 09:57
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