How many species of fossil arachnids are there?

Dunlop, J. A. and Penney, D. and Tetlie, O. E. and Anderson, L. I. (2008) How many species of fossil arachnids are there? Journal of Arachnology, 36 (2). pp. 267-272.

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The species-level diversity of fossil Chelicerata is summarized for each order. 1952 valid species of fossil chelicerates are currently recognized, of which 1593 are arachnids. In order of abundance they are: Araneae (979 fossil species), Actinotrichida (283), Eurypterida (241), Scorpiones (111), Xiphosura (96), Trigonotarbida (71), Pseudoscorpiones (38), Phalangiotarbida (30), Opiliones (25), Ricinulei (15), and Anactinotrichida (11). Other groups are represented by ten fossil species or fewer. Based on published descriptions, spiders thus appear to dominate the fossil arachnid species assemblage, making up a greater proportion of paleodiversity than their Recent diversity would predict. Scorpions are also overrepresented, particularly in the Paleozoic, compared to their modern diversity. By contrast, groups like mites, harvestmen, pseudoscorpions and solifuges are noticeably under-represented as fossils when compared to modern patterns of diversity.

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