The Quaternary Period

Pillans, B. and Gibbard, P. (2012) The Quaternary Period. In: The Geologic Time Scale 2012. The Geological Time Scale, 2 . Elsevier, pp. 979-1010. ISBN 9780444594259

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The Quaternary Period, comprising the Holocene and Pleistocene Epochs, encompasses the last ~2.6 Ma during which time Earth’s climate was strongly influenced by bi- polar glaciation and the genus Homo first appeared and evolved. The base of the Quaternary System/Period and Pleistocene Series/Epoch is defined by the GSSP for the Gelasian Stage at Monte San Nicola section in Italy. The base of the Holocene Series/Epoch is defined at a depth of 1492.45 m in the NGRIP ice core from Greenland, with an age based on annual layer counting, of 11 700 years b2k (before AD2000), with a 2s uncertainty of 99 years; it is the first and only GSSP to be defined in an ice core.

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