Melanin concentration gradients in modern and fossil feathers.

Field, D. J. and D'Alba, L and Vinther, J and Webb, SM and Gearty, W and Shawkey, MD (2013) Melanin concentration gradients in modern and fossil feathers. PLoS ONE, 8 (3). e59451. ISSN eISSN-1545-7885; ISSN-1544-9173 DOI

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In birds and feathered non-avian dinosaurs, within-feather pigmentation patterns range from discrete spots and stripes to more subtle patterns, but the latter remain largely unstudied. A ∼55 million year old fossil contour feather with a dark distal tip grading into a lighter base was recovered from the Fur Formation in Denmark. SEM and synchrotron-based trace metal mapping confirmed that this gradient was caused by differential concentration of melanin. To assess the potential ecological and phylogenetic prevalence of this pattern, we evaluated 321 modern samples from 18 orders within Aves. We observed that the pattern was found most frequently in distantly related groups that share aquatic ecologies (e.g. waterfowl Anseriformes, penguins Sphenisciformes), suggesting a potential adaptive function with ancient origins.

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Subjects: 04 - Palaeobiology
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Journal or Publication Title: PLoS ONE
Volume: 8
Page Range: e59451
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Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2019 11:22
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