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Xin, Lipeng and Zhang, Zhiying and Carpenter, Michael A. and Zhang, Ming and Jin, Feng and Zhang, Qingming and Wang, Xiaoming and Tang, Weihua and Lou, Xiaojie (2018) Strain Coupling and Dynamic Relaxation in a Molecular Perovskite-Like Multiferroic Metal-Organic Framework. Advanced Functional Materials, 28 (52). p. 1806013. ISSN 1616301X DOI

3 April 2017

Salje, Ekhard K. H. and Wang, Xiaofei and Ding, Xiangdong and Scott, James F. (2017) Ultrafast Switching in Avalanche-Driven Ferroelectrics by Supersonic Kink Movements. Advanced Functional Materials. ISSN 1616301X DOI

February 2014

Schiemer, J. and Carpenter, M. A. and Evans, D. M. and Gregg, J. M. and Schilling, A. and Arredondo, M. and Alexe, M. and Sanchez, D. and Ortega, N. and Katiyar, R. S. and Echizen, M. and Colliver, E. and Dutton, S. and Scott, J. F. (2014) Studies of the Room-Temperature Multiferroic Pb(Fe0.5Ta0.5)0.4(Zr0.53Ti0.47)0.6O3: Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy, Dielectric, and Magnetic Phenomena. Advanced Functional Materials, 24 (20). pp. 2993-3002. ISSN 1616301X DOI doiI 10.1002/adfm.201303492

June 2010

Arnold, Donna C. and Knight, Kevin S. and Catalan, Gustau and Redfern, Simon A. T. and Scott, James F. and Lightfoot, Philip and Morrison, Finlay D. (2010) The beta-to-gamma Transition in BiFeO<SUB><FONT SIZE='-1'>3</FONT></SUB>: A Powder Neutron Diffraction Study. Advanced Functional Materials, 20 (13). pp. 2116-2123. DOI

September 2009

Jagesar, Dhiredj C. and Fazio, Sandro M. and Taybi, Jimmy and Eiser, Erika and Gatti, Francesco G. and Leigh, David A. and Brouwer, Albert M. (2009) Photoinduced Shuttling Dynamics of Rotaxanes in Viscous Polymer Solutions. Advanced Functional Materials, 19 (21). p. 3440. ISSN 1616301X DOI

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