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Dunn, Frances S. and Liu, Alexander G. and Donoghue, Philip C. J. (2017) Ediacaran developmental biology. Biological Reviews, 93 (2). pp. 914-932. ISSN 14647931 DOI

13 January 2016

VanBuren, Collin S. and Evans, David C. (2016) Evolution and function of anterior cervical vertebral fusion in tetrapods. Biological Reviews. n/a-n/a. ISSN 14647931 DOI

21 December 2014

Ortega-Hernández, Javier (2014) Making sense of ‘lower’ and ‘upper’ stem-group Euarthropoda, with comments on the strict use of the name Arthropoda von Siebold, 1848. Biological Reviews, 91 (1). pp. 255-273. ISSN 14647931 DOI

19 October 2013

Maidment, Susannah C. R. and Bates, Karl T. and Falkingham, Peter L. and VanBuren, Collin S. and Arbour, Victoria and Barrett, Paul M. (2013) Locomotion in ornithischian dinosaurs: an assessment using three-dimensional computational modelling. Biological Reviews, 89 (3). pp. 588-617. ISSN 14647931 DOI

May 2012

Conway Morris, Simon and Caron, Jean‐Bernard (2012) Pikaia gracilens Walcott, a stem‐group chordate from the Middle Cambrian of British Columbia. Biological Reviews, 87 (2). pp. 480-512. DOI

January 2012

Benson, R. B. J. and Butler, R. J. and Carrano, M. T. and O'Connor, P. M. (2012) Air-filled postcranial bones in theropod dinosaurs: physiological implications and the ‘reptile’–bird transition. Biological Reviews, 87. pp. 168-193. ISSN 1464-7931 DOI

March 2010

Ketchum, Hilary F. and Benson, R. B. J. (2010) Global interrelationships of Plesiosauria (Reptilia, Sauropterygia) and the pivotal role of taxon sampling in determining the outcome of phylogenetic analyses. Biological Reviews, 85 (2). pp. 361-392. ISSN 1464-7931 DOI


McNamara, K. J. (1986) The role of heterochrony in the evolution of Cambrian trilobites. Biological Reviews, 61 (2). pp. 121-156. ISSN 1469-185X DOI

February 1982

Conway Morris, Simon and Crompton, D. W. T. (1982) The Origins and Evolution of the Acanthocephala. Biological Reviews, 57 (1). pp. 85-115. DOI

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