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Liu, Alexander G. and Dunn, Frances S. (2020) Filamentous Connections between Ediacaran Fronds. Current Biology. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

Ksepka, Daniel T. and Balanoff, Amy M. and Smith, N. Adam and Bever, Gabriel S. and Bhullar, Bhart-Anjan S. and Bourdon, Estelle and Braun, Edward L. and Burleigh, J. Gordon and Clarke, Julia A. and Colbert, Matthew W. and Corfield, Jeremy R. and Degrange, Federico J. and De Pietri, Vanesa L. and Early, Catherine M. and Field, Daniel J. and Gignac, Paul M. and Gold, Maria Eugenia Leone and Kimball, Rebecca T. and Kawabe, Soichiro and Lefebvre, Louis and Marugán-Lobón, Jesús and Mongle, Carrie S. and Morhardt, Ashley and Norell, Mark A. and Ridgely, Ryan C. and Rothman, Ryan S. and Scofield, R. Paul and Tambussi, Claudia P. and Torres, Christopher R. and van Tuinen, Marcel and Walsh, Stig A. and Watanabe, Akinobu and Witmer, Lawrence M. and Wright, Alexandra K. and Zanno, Lindsay E. and Jarvis, Erich D. and Smaers, Jeroen B. (2020) Tempo and Pattern of Avian Brain Size Evolution. Current Biology. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI


Field, Daniel J. (2019) Bird Evolution: Convergence Fits the Bill. Current Biology, 29 (4). R132-R134. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

15 August 2018

Kenchington, Charlotte G. and Dunn, Frances S. and Wilby, Philip R. (2018) Modularity and overcompensatory growth in Ediacaran rangeomorphs demonstrate early adaptations for coping with environmental pressures. Current Biology, 28 (20). 3330-3336.e2. ISSN 0960-9822

5 October 2015

Ortega-Hernández, Javier (2015) Lobopodians. Current Biology, 25 (19). R873-R875. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

Butterfield, Nicholas J. (2015) The Neoproterozoic. Current Biology, 25 (19). R859-R863. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

May 2015

Ortega-Hernández, Javier (2015) Homology of Head Sclerites in Burgess Shale Euarthropods. Current Biology. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI


Pisani, Davide and Liu, Alexander G. (2015) Animal Evolution: Only Rocks Can Set the Clock. Current Biology, 25 (22). R1079-R1081. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

November 2009

Conway Morris, Simon (2009) Walcott, the Burgess Shale and rumours of a post-Darwinian world. Current Biology, 19 (20). R927-R931. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI

February 2009

Berry, A. and Cobb, M. and Conway Morris, S. and Coyne, J. and Lawrence, P. and May, R. and Nusslein-Volhard, C. and Ptashne, M. and Ridley, M. and Zuk, M. (2009) (Re)Reading The Origin. Current Biology, 19 (3). R96. ISSN 09609822 DOI


Conway Morris, S. (2006) Evolutionary convergence. Current Biology, 16 (19). R826-R827. DOI

20 September 2005

Conway Morris, S. (2005) Mass extinctions. Current Biology, 15. R744-745. DOI

11 January 2005

Conway Morris, S. (2005) Ediacarans. Current Biology, 15 (1). R8. DOI

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