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November 2008

Zhao, W. and Brown, L. and Wu, Z. and Klemperer, S. L. and Shi, D. and Mechie, J. and Su, H. and Tilmann, F. J. and Karplus, M. S. and Makovsky, Y. (2008) Seismology Across the Northeastern Edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Eos, 89 (48). DOI 10.1029/2008EO480002.

March 2006

Stein, R. S. and Kanamatsu, T. and Alvarez-Zarikan, C. and Higgins, S. M. and Channel, J. E. T. and Aboudeshish, E. and Ohno, M. and Acton, G. D. and Akimoto, K. and Bailey, I. and Bjørklund, K. R. and Evans, H. and Nielsen, S. H. H. and Fang, N. and Ferretti, P. and Gruetzner, J. and Guyodo, Y. J. B. and Hagino, K. and Harris, R. and Hatakeda, K. and Hefter, J. and Judge, S. A. and Kulhanek, D. K. and Nanayama, F. and Rashid, H. and Sierro Sanchez, F. J. and Voelker, A. and Zhai, Q. (2006) North Atlantic paleoceanography: the last five millions years. Eos, 87 (13). pp. 129-133. DOI 10.1029/2006EO130002


Scherwath, M. and Flueh, E. and Grevemeyer, I. and Tilmann, F. J. and Contreras-Reyes, E. and Weinrebe, W. (2006) Investigating subduction zone processes in Chile. Eos, 87 (27). 265ff. DOI 10.1029/2006EO270001

October 2005

Holt, W. E. and Kreemer, C. and Haines, A. J. and Estey, L. and Meertens, C. and Blewitt, G. and Lavallee, D. (2005) Project helps constrain continental dynamics and seismic hazards. Eos, 86 (41). 383, 387. DOI 10.1029/2005EO410002

6 September 2005

Morgan, J. and Warner, M. and Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J. and Gulick, S. and Christeson, G. and Barton, P. J. and Rebolledo-Vieyra, M. and Melosh, J. (2005) New seismic survey over Chicxulub prepares for future drilling into the crater. Eos, 86 (36). pp. 325-328. DOI 10.1029/2005EO360001


Minshull, T. A. and White, N. J. and Edwards, R. A. and Shillington, D. J. and Scott, C. L. and Demirer, A. and Shaw-Champion, M. and Jones, S. M. and Erduran, M. and Besevli, T. and Cosku, G. and Raven, K. and Price, A. and Peterson, B. (2005) Seismic data reveal eastern Black Sea Basin structure. Eos, 86. 43, 413-419.

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