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Varkouhi, Shahab and Cartwright, Joseph A. and Tosca, N. J. (2020) Anomalous compaction due to silica diagenesis — Textural and mineralogical evidence from hemipelagic deep-sea sediments of the Japan Sea. Marine Geology, 426. p. 106204. ISSN 00253227 DOI

1 August 2017

McCave, I. N. (2017) Formation of sediment waves by turbidity currents and geostrophic flows: A discussion. Marine Geology, 390. pp. 89-93. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

March 2016

Sun, Xiaole and Higgins, J and Turchyn, A. V. (2016) Diffusive cation fluxes in deep-sea sediments and insight into the global geochemical cycles of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Marine Geology, 373. pp. 64-77. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

February 2015

Elmore, A. C. and Wright, J. D. and Southon, J. (2015) Continued meltwater influence on North Atlantic Deep Water instabilities during the early Holocene. Marine Geology, 360. pp. 17-24. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

February 2014

Goudeau, Marie-Louise S. and Grauel, Anna-Lena and Tessarolo, Chiara and Leider, Arne and Chen, Liang and Bernasconi, Stefano M. and Versteegh, Gerard J. M. and Zonneveld, Karin A. F. and Boer, W. and Alonso-Hernandez, C. M. and De Lange, Gert J. (2014) The Glacial–Interglacial transition and Holocene environmental changes in sediments from the Gulf of Taranto, central Mediterranean. Marine Geology, 348. pp. 88-102. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

October 2008

Hodell, David A. and Curtis, Jason H. (2008) Oxygen and carbon isotopes of detrital carbonate in North Atlantic Heinrich Events. Marine Geology, 256 (1-4). pp. 30-35. DOI


Cunningham, M. and Morando, A. and White, J. and Wilson, M. and Graham, J. R. and Glynn, B. and Cullen, S. and Geoghegan, M. (2008) Geological Significance of mulitbeam bathymetric, shallow seismic and magnetic surveys in Galway Bay, western Ireland. Marine Geology. (In Press)

September 2007

Van Andel, T. H. and Perissoratis, C. (2007) Reply to the comment on "Late Quaternary depositional history of the north Evvoikos Gulf, Aegean Sea, Greece" marine geology, 232, 157-172, 2006. Marine Geology, 243 (1-4). pp. 244-245. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

August 2007

Vázquez Riveiros, Natalia and Babalola, Abdulhameed O. and Boudreau, Robert E.A. and Patterson, R. Timothy and Roe, Helen M. and Doherty, Christine (2007) Modern distribution of salt marsh foraminifera and thecamoebians in the Seymour–Belize Inlet Complex, British Columbia, Canada. Marine Geology, 242 (1–3). pp. 39-63. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI


Van Andel, T. H. and Perissoratis, C. (2006) Late Quaternary depositional history of the North Evvoikos Gulf, Aegean Sea, Greece. Marine Geology, 232 (3-4). pp. 157-172. DOI

November 2005

Hoogendoorn, R. M. and Boels, J. F. and Kroonenberg, S. B. and Simmons, M. D. and Aliyeva, E. and Babazadeh, A. D. and Huseynov, D. (2005) Development of the Kura delta, Azerbaijan; a record of Holocene Caspian sea-level changes. Marine Geology, 222-22. pp. 359-380. DOI

15 June 2005

De La Rocha, C. L. and Bickle, M. J. (2005) Sensitivity of silicon isotopes to whole-ocean changes in the silica cycle. Marine Geology, 217 (3-4). pp. 267-282. DOI

March 2005

Kershaw, S. and Guo, L. and Braga, J. C. (2005) A Holocene coral-algal reef at Mavra Litharia, Gulf of Corinth, Greece: structure, history, and applications in relative sea-level change. Marine Geology, 215 (3-4). pp. 171-192. DOI


De La Rocha, C. L. and Paytan, A. (2005) Directions in the study of ocean chemistry over the Phanerozoic and its links to geologic processes. Marine Geology, 217. pp. 193-197. DOI, 2005


Skinner, L. C. and McCave, I. N. (2003) Analysis and modelling of gravity- and piston coring based on soil mechanics. Marine Geology, 199 (1-2). pp. 181-204. ISSN 00253227 DOI

Ovsyannikov, D.O. and Sadekov, A.Yu. and Kozlova, E.V. (2003) Rock fragments from mud volcanic deposits of the Gulf of Cadiz: An insight into the Eocene-Pliocene sedimentary succession of the basin. Marine Geology, 195 (1-4). pp. 211-221. DOI

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