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October 2011

Ivry, Yachin and Chu, Daping and Scott, James F. and Salje, Ekhard K. H. and Durkan, Colm (2011) Unexpected Controllable Pair-Structure in Ferroelectric Nanodomains. Nano Letters, 11 (11). pp. 4619-4625. DOI 10.1021/nl202097y

April 2010

McNeil, Robert P. G. and Schneble, R. Jeff and Kataoka, Masaya and Ford, Christopher J. B. and Kasama, Takeshi and Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E. and Feinberg, Joshua M. and Harrison, Richard J. and Barnes, Crispin H. W. and Tse, Desmond H. Y. and Trypiniotis, Theodossis and Bland, J. Anthony C. and Anderson, David and Jones, Geb A. C. and Pepper, Michael (2010) Localized Magnetic Fields in Arbitrary Directions Using Patterned Nanomagnets. Nano Letters, 10 (5). pp. 1549-1553. DOI 10.1021/nl902949v

September 2009

Schilling, A. and Byrne, D. and Catalan, G. and Webber, K. G. and Genenko, Y. A. and Wu, G. S. and Scott, J. F. and Gregg, J. M. (2009) Domains in Ferroelectric Nanodots. Nano Letters, 9 (9). pp. 3359-3364. DOI 10.1021/nl901661a

November 2008

Scott, J. F. and Fan, H. J. and Kawasaki, S. and Banys, J. and Ivanov, M. and Krotkus, A. and Macutkevic, J. and Blinc, R. and Laguta, V. V. and Cevc, P. and Liu, J. S. and Kholkin, A. L. (2008) Terahertz Emission from Tubular Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Nanostructures. Nano Letters, 8 (12). pp. 4404-4409. DOI 10.1021/nl802277k

November 2007

Schilling, A. and Bowman, R. M. and Catalan, G. and Scott, J. F. and Gregg, J. M. (2007) Morphological Control of Polar Orientation in Single-Crystal Ferroelectric Nanowires. Nano Letters, 7 (12). pp. 3787-3791. DOI 10.1021/nl072260l

March 2007

Fan, H. J. and Knez, M. and Scholz, R. and Hesse, D. and Nielsch, K. and Zacharias, M. and Gösele, U. (2007) Influence of surface diffusion on the void formation induced by the Kirkendall effect: the basic concept. Nano Letters, 7 (4). pp. 993-997. DOI 10.1021/nl070026p


Evans, P. R. and Zhu, X. and Baxter, P. and McMillen, M. and McPhillips, J. and Morrison, F. D. and Scott, J. F. and Pollard, R. J. and Bowman, R. M. and Gregg, J. M. (2007) Toward self-assembled ferroelectric random access memories: hard-wired switching capacitor arrays with almost Tb/in.^2 densities. Nano Letters, 7. pp. 1134-1137. DOI 10.1021/nl0626028

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