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Liang, Tianxiao and Zhang, Zihan and Feng, Xiaolei and Jia, Haojun and Pickard, Chris J. and Redfern, Simon A. T. and Duan, Defang (2020) Ternary hypervalent silicon hydrides via lithium at high pressure. Physical Review Materials, 4 (11). ISSN 2475-9953 DOI


Gao, Zhipeng and Peng, Wei and Chen, Bin and Redfern, Simon A. T. and Wang, Ke and Chu, Baojin and He, Qiang and Sun, Yi and Chen, Xuefeng and Nie, Hengchang and Deng, Wen and Zhang, Lingkong and He, Hongliang and Wang, Genshui and Dong, Xianlin (2019) Giant power output in lead-free ferroelectrics by shock-induced phase transition. Physical Review Materials, 3 (3). ISSN 2475-9953 DOI


Li, Qian and Lu, Teng and Schiemer, Jason A. and Laanait, Nouamane and Balke, Nina and Zhang, Zhan and Ren, Yang and Carpenter, Michael A. and Wen, Haidan and Li, Jiangyu and Kalinin, Sergei V. and Liu, Yun (2018) Giant thermally-enhanced electrostriction and polar surface phase in La2Mo2O9 oxygen ion conductors. Physical Review Materials, 2 (4). ISSN 2475-9953 DOI

Smith, Rebecca M. and Gardner, Jonathan and Morrison, Finlay D. and Rowley, S. E. and Ferraz, Catarina and Carpenter, M. A. and Chen, Jiasheng and Hodkinson, Jack and Dutton, Siân E. and Scott, J. F. (2018) Quantum critical points in ferroelectric relaxors: Stuffed tungsten bronze K3Li2Ta5O15 and lead pyrochlore ( Pb2Nb2O7 ). Physical Review Materials, 2 (8). ISSN 2475-9953 DOI

Farr, R. S. and Vukmanovic, Zoja and Holness, M. B. and Griffiths, E. (2018) Reconstructing grain-shape statistics from electron back-scatter diffraction microscopy. Physical Review Materials, 2 (7). 073804. ISSN 2475-9953 DOI

Harwell, Jonathon R. and Payne, Julia L. and Sajjad, Muhammad T. and Heutz, Frank J. L. and Dawson, Daniel M. and Whitfield, Pamela S. and Irvine, John T. S. and Samuel, Ifor D. W. and Carpenter, Michael A. (2018) Role of lattice distortion and A site cation in the phase transitions of methylammonium lead halide perovskites. Physical Review Materials, 2 (6). 065404. ISSN 2475-9953 DOI

Puchberger, S. and Soprunyuk, V. and Schranz, W. and Carpenter, M. A. (2018) Segmental front line dynamics of randomly pinned ferroelastic domain walls. Physical Review Materials, 2 (1). ISSN 2475-9953 DOI

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