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Meunier, P. and Hovius, N. and Haines, A. J. (2008) Topographic site effects and the location of earthquake induced landslides. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 275 (3-4). pp. 221-232. DOI


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Meunier, P. and Hovius, N. and Haines, A. J. (2007) Regional patterns of earthquake-triggered landslides and their relation to ground motion. Geophysical Research Letters, 34. L20408. DOI

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January 2006

Haines, J. and Cambon, O. and Prudhomme, N. and Fraysse, G. and Keen, D. A. and Chapon, L. C. and Tucker, M. G. (2006) High-temperature, structural disorder, phase transitions, and piezoelectric properties of GaPO4. Physical Review B, 73 (1). Art. no. 014103. DOI

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October 2005

Holt, W. E. and Kreemer, C. and Haines, A. J. and Estey, L. and Meertens, C. and Blewitt, G. and Lavallee, D. (2005) Project helps constrain continental dynamics and seismic hazards. Eos, 86 (41). 383, 387. DOI


Rowlands, D. P. and White, R. S. and Haines, A. J. (2005) Seismic tomography of the Tongariro volcanic centre, New Zealand. Geophysical Journal International, 163. 1180-1194; doi:10.1111/j.1365. DOI

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