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November 2013

Anderson, Lyall I. and Freshney, Sandra J. (2013) The application of desktop video magnifier technology to museums and archives. The Geological Curator, 9 (10). pp. 501-505. ISSN 0144-5294


Finney, S. M. and Anderson, L. I. (2011) A mechanical preparation of Rhynie chert fossils. The Geological Curator, 9 (3). pp. 207-211.

November 2010

Anderson, L. I. and Lowe, M. (2010) Charles W. Peach and Darwin's barnacles. Journal of the History of Collections, 22 (2). pp. 257-270. DOI

November 2009

Anderson, L. I. (2009) Reviews:Thomson, K. 2008. The Legacy of the Mastodon. The Golden Age of Fossils in America. xvii + 386 pp. Geological Magazine, 146 (6). pp. 941-942. DOI

February 2009

Anderson, L. I. (2009) Charles Darwin and Andrew Smith an overseas exchange. Scottish Journal of Geology, 45 (1). pp. 59-68. DOI


Anderson, L. I. (2009) First non-calcified dasycladalean alga from the Carboniferous. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, 251. pp. 119-128.


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Dunlop, J. A. and Penney, D. and Tetlie, O. E. and Anderson, L. I. (2008) How many species of fossil arachnids are there? Journal of Arachnology, 36 (2). pp. 267-272.


Tetlie, O. E. and Anderson, L. I. and Poschmann, M. (2007) Kiaeropterus (Eurypterida; Stylonurina) recognised from the Silurian of the Pentland Hills. Scottish Journal of Geology, 43 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN ISSN 0036-9276 DOI

Stewart, S. E. and Anderson, L. I. and Clarkson, E. N. K. (2007) Miscellanea. In: A Field Guide to the Fossils of the Pentland Hills. Palaeontological Association field guides to fossils, 11 (11). Palaeontological Association, London, pp. 195-200. ISBN 9781405177153

Anderson, L. I. (2007) Unmineralised arthropods. In: Field Guide to Fossils Number 11. Field Guide to Fossils . Palaeontological Association, pp. 133-156.

Anderson, L. I. and Clarkson, E. N. K. and Stewart, S. E. and Mitchell, D. (2007) An Upper Llandovery KonservatLagerstatte in a depositional context: the Pentland Hills Eurypterid Bed, Midlothian. Scottish Journal of Geology, 43 (1). pp. 41-50. ISSN ISSN 0036-9276 DOI

August 2005

Dunlop, J. A. and Anderson, L. I. (2005) A fossil harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones) from the Mississippian of East Kirkton, Scotland. Journal of Arachnology, 33 (2). pp. 482-489. DOI

February 2005

Moore, R. A. and Briggs, D. E. G. and Braddy, S. J. and Anderson, L. I. and Mikulic, D. G. and Kluessendorf, J. (2005) A New Synziphosurine (Chelicerata: Xiphosura) from the Late Llandovery (Silurian) Waukesha Lagerstatte, Winsconsin, USA. Journal of Paleontology, 79 (2). pp. 242-250. DOI<0242:ANSCXF>2.0.CO;2

January 2005

Poschmann, M. and Anderson, L. I. and Dunlop, J. A. (2005) Chelicerate Arthropods, including the Oldest Phalangiotardbid Arachnid, from the Early Devonian (Siegenian) of the Rhenish Massif, Germany. Journal of Paleontology, 79 (1). pp. 110-124. DOI


Anderson, L. I. (2005) Fossil invertebrates: Arthropods. In: Encyclopaedia of Geology. Elsevier, pp. 275-281. ISBN 9780123693969

Anderson, L. I. (2005) Hugh Miller: introducing palaeobotany to a wider audience. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 241 (1). pp. 63-84. DOI

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