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July 2011

Wang, Can and Redfern, Simon A. T. and Aguado, Fernando and Daraktchiev, Maren (2011) The ferroelastic phase transition and non- 180° domain switching in La-modified lead zirconate titanate ferroelectric ceramics. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 21 (29). p. 295901. DOI


Daraktchiev, M. and Catalan, G. and Scott, J. F. (2008) Landau Theory of Ferroelectric Domain Walls in Magnetoelectrics. Ferroelectrics, 375 (1). 122 - 131. DOI

April 2007

Daraktchiev, M. and Salje, E. K. H. and Lee, W. T. and Redfern, S. A. T. (2007) Effect of internal friction on transformation twin dynamics in perovskite SrxBa1-xSnO~3 (x=0.6,0.8). Physical Review B, 75. p. 134102. DOI


Daraktchiev, M. and Schaller, R. and Gremillard, L. and Epicier, T. and Chevalier, J. and Fantozzi, G. (2007) How do the grains slide in fine-grained zirconia polycrystals at high temperature? Applied Physics Letters, 91 (12). p. 121904. ISSN 0003-6951 DOI

October 2006

Wang, Can and Redfern, S. A. T. and Daraktchiev, M. and Harrison, R. J. (2006) Memory effect of a mechanical anomaly related to ferroelastic domain switching in rhombohedral lead zirconate titanate ceramics. Applied Physics Letters, 89. p. 152906. DOI

June 2006

Lee, W. T. and Salje, E. K. H. and Goncalves-Ferreira, L. and Daraktchiev, M. and Bismayer, U. (2006) Intrinsic activation energy for twin-wall motion in the ferroelastic perovskite CaTiO3. Physical Review B, 73 (21). Art. No. 214110. DOI


Daraktchiev, M. and Harrison, R. J. and Mountstevens, E. H. and Redfern, S. A. T. (2006) Effect of transformation twins on the anelastic behavior of polycrystalline Ca1-xSrxTiO3 and SrxBa1-xSnO3 perovskite in relation to the seismic properties of Earths mantle perovskite. Materials Science and Engineering A, 442 (1-2). pp. 199-203. ISSN 0921-5093 DOI

24 May 2005

Daraktchiev, M. and von Muhlenen, A. and Nuesch, F. and Schaer, M. and Brinkmann, M. and Bussac, M. N. and Zuppiroli, L. (2005) Ultrathin organic transistors on oxide surfaces. New Journal of Physics, 7 (133). ISSN 1367-2630 DOI

January 2005

Daraktchiev, M. and Van de Moortele, B. and Schaller, R. and Couteau, E. and Forro, U. (2005) Effects of carbon nanotubes on grain boundary sliding in zirconia polycrystals. Advanced Materials, 17 (1). pp. 88-91. ISSN 0935-9648 DOI

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