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Henry, L. G. and McManus, J. F. and Curry, W. B. and Roberts, N. L. and Piotrowski, A. M. and Keigwin, L. D. (2016) North Atlantic ocean circulation and abrupt climate change during the last glaciation. Science, 353 (6298). pp. 470-474. ISSN 0036-8075 (print), 1095-9203 (online) DOI

August 2015

Roberts, Natalie L. and Piotrowski, Alexander M. (2015) Radiogenic Nd isotope labeling of the northern NE Atlantic during MIS 2. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 423. pp. 125-133. ISSN 0012821X DOI

30 June 2014

Roberts, Natalie L. and McManus, Jerry F. and Piotrowski, Alexander M. and McCave, I. Nicholas (2014) Advection and scavenging controls of Pa/Th in the northern NE Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 29 (6). 2014PA002633. ISSN 0883-8305 DOI

December 2012

Piotrowski, A. M. and Galy, A. and Nicholl, J. A. L. and Roberts, N. and Wilson, D. J. and Clegg, J. A. and Yu, J. (2012) Reconstructing deglacial North and South Atlantic deep water sourcing using foraminiferal Nd isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 357–35. pp. 289-297. ISSN 0012-821X DOI

October 2012

Roberts, Natalie L. and Piotrowski, Alexander M. and Elderfield, Henry and Lomas, Michael W. (2012) Rare earth element association with foraminifera. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 94. pp. 57-71. ISSN 0016-7037 DOI

March 2010

Rickaby, R. E. M. and Elderfield, H. and Roberts, N. and Hillenbrand, C.-D. and Mackensen, A. (2010) Evidence for elevated alkalinity in the glacial Southern Ocean. Paleoceanography, 25 (1). PA1209. DOI

January 2010

Roberts, Natalie L. and Piotrowski, Alexander M. and McManus, Jerry F. and Keigwin, Lloyd D. (2010) Synchronous Deglacial Overturning and Water Mass Source Changes. Science, 327 (5961). pp. 75-78. DOI

June 2009

Lomas, M.W. and Roberts, N. and Lipschultz, F. and Krause, J.W. and Nelson, D.M. and Bates, N.R. (2009) Biogeochemical responses to late-winter storms in the Sargasso Sea. IV. Rapid succession of major phytoplankton groups. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 56 (6). pp. 892-908. DOI

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