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February 2017

Davies, N. S. and Shillito, A. P. and McMahon, W. J. (2017) Short-term evolution of primary sedimentary surface textures (microbial, abiotic, ichnological) on a dry stream bed: modern observations and ancient implications. Palaios, 32 (2). pp. 125-134. ISSN 0833-1351 DOI 10.2110/palo.2016.064


McMahon, William J. and Davies, Neil S. and Went, David J. (2017) Negligible microbial matground influence on pre-vegetation river functioning: evidence from the Ediacaran-Lower Cambrian Series Rouge, France. Precambrian Research. ISSN 0301-9268 DOI 10.1016/j.precamres.2017.01.020 (In Press)


Davies, Neil S. and Liu, Alexander G. and Gibling, Martin R. and Miller, Randall F. (2016) Resolving MISS conceptions and misconceptions: A geological approach to sedimentary surface textures generated by microbial and abiotic processes. Earth-Science Reviews, 154. pp. 210-246. ISSN 00128252 DOI 10.1016/j.earscirev.2016.01.005

February 2015

Corenblit, Dov and Davies, Neil S. and Steiger, Johannes and Gibling, Martin R. and Bornette, Gudrun (2015) Considering river structure and stability in the light of evolution: feedbacks between riparian vegetation and hydrogeomorphology. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 40 (2). pp. 189-207. ISSN 0197-9337, ESSN: 1096-9837

December 2014

Gibling, M. R. and Davies, N. S. and Falcon-Lang, H. J. and Bashforth, A. R. and DiMichele, W. A. and Rygel, M. C. and Ielpi, A. (2014) Palaeozoic co-evolution of rivers and vegetation: a synthesis of current knowledge. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 125 (5-6). pp. 524-533. DOI 10.1016/j.pgeola.2013.12.003

April 2014

Fairen, Alberto G. and Stokes, Chris R. and Davies, Neil S. and Schulze-Makuch, Dirk and Rodriguez, J. Alexis P. and Davila, Alfonso F. and Uceda, Esther R. and Dohm, James M. and Baker, Victor R. and Clifford, Stephen M. and McKay, Christopher P. and Squyres, Steven W. (2014) A cold hydrological system in Gale crater, Mars. Planetary and Space Science, 93-94. pp. 101-118. ISSN 0032-0633 DOI 10.1016/j.pss.2014.03.002

February 2014

Davies, Neil S. and Gosse, John C. and Rybczynski, Natalia (2014) Cross-Bedded Woody Debris From A Pliocene Forested River System In the High Arctic: Beaufort Formation, Meighen Island, Canada. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 84 (1). pp. 19-25. ISSN 1527-1404 DOI 10.2110/jsr.2014.5

October 2013

Crombé, Philippe and De Smedt, Philippe and Davies, Neil S. and Gelorini, Vanessa and Zwertvaegher, Ann and Langohr, Roger and Van Damme, Dirk and Demiddele, Hendrik and Van Strydonck, Mark and Antrop, Marc and Bourgeois, Jean and De Maeyer, Philippe and De Reu, Jeroen and Finke, Peter A. and Van Meirvenne, Marc and Verniers, Jacques (2013) Hunter-gatherer responses to the changing environment of the Moervaart palaeolake (Nw Belgium) during the Late Glacial and Early Holocene. Quaternary International, 308. pp. 162-177. ISSN 1040-6182 DOI 10.1016/j.quaint.2013.05.035

May 2013

Davies, Neil S. and Gibling, Martin R. (2013) The sedimentary record of Carboniferous rivers: Continuing influence of land plant evolution on alluvial processes and Palaeozoic ecosystems. Earth-Science Reviews, 120. pp. 40-79. ISSN 0012-8252 DOI 10.1016/j.earscirev.2013.02.004

March 2013

Fairén, A. G. and Davies, Neil S. and Squyres, S. W. (2013) Equatorial Ground Ice and Meandering Rivers on Mars. In: The 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 18–22, 2013, The Woodlands, Texas.

February 2012

Gibling, Martin R. and Davies, Neil S. (2012) Palaeozoic landscapes shaped by plant evolution. Nature Geoscience, 5 (2). pp. 99-105. ISSN 1752-0894 EISSN:1752-0908 DOI 10.1038/ngeo1376

September 2011

Davies, Neil S. and Gibling, Martin R. (2011) Evolution of fixed-channel alluvial plains in response to Carboniferous vegetation. Nature Geoscience, 4 (9). pp. 629-633. ISSN 1752-0894 EISSN:1752-0908 DOI 10.1038/ngeo1237


Davies, Neil S. and Gibling, Martin R. and Rygel, Michael C. (2011) Alluvial facies evolution during the Palaeozoic greening of the continents: case studies, conceptual models and modern analogues. Sedimentology, 58 (1). pp. 220-258. ISSN 1365-3091 DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3091.2010.01215.x

February 2010

Davies, Neil S. and Gibling, Martin R. (2010) Cambrian to Devonian evolution of alluvial systems: The sedimentological impact of the earliest land plants. Earth-Science Reviews, 98 (3–4). pp. 171-200. ISSN 0012-8252 DOI 10.1016/j.earscirev.2009.11.002

1 January 2010

Davies, Neil S. and Gibling, Martin R. (2010) Paleozoic vegetation and the Siluro-Devonian rise of fluvial lateral accretion sets. Geology, 38 (1). pp. 51-54. ISSN 0956-540X, ESSN: 1365-246X DOI 10.1130/G30443.1

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