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Davies, S. W. G. and van Andel, T. H. (2009) An overview of the results of the Stage Three Project: Hominids in the landscape. CALPE 2001. Chicago University Press, Chicago. (In Press)

September 2007

Van Andel, T. H. and Perissoratis, C. (2007) Reply to the comment on "Late Quaternary depositional history of the north Evvoikos Gulf, Aegean Sea, Greece" marine geology, 232, 157-172, 2006. Marine Geology, 243 (1-4). pp. 244-245. ISSN 0025-3227 DOI

November 2006

Weninger, B. and Alram-Stern, E. and Bauer, E. and Clare, L. and Danzeglocke, U. and Joris, O. and Claudia, K. E. and Gary, R. F. and Todorova, H. and van Andel, T. (2006) Climate forcing due to the 8200 cal yr BP event observed at Early Neolithic sites in the eastern Mediterranean. Quaternary Research, 66 (3). pp. 401-420. DOI

Pyle, D. M. and Ricketts, G. D. and Margari, V. and Van Andel, T. H. and Sinitsyn, A. A. and Praslov, N. D. and Lisitsyn, S. (2006) Wide dispersal and deposition of distal tephra during the Pleistocene ‘Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5’ eruption, Italy. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25 (21-22). pp. 2713-2728. DOI


Van Andel, T. H. and Perissoratis, C. (2006) Late Quaternary depositional history of the North Evvoikos Gulf, Aegean Sea, Greece. Marine Geology, 232 (3-4). pp. 157-172. DOI


van Andel, T. H. and Runnels, C. N. (2005) Karstic wetland dwellers of Middle Palaeolithic Epirus, Greece. Journal of Field Archaeology, 30 (4). pp. 367-384. DOI

van Andel, T. H. (2005) The ownership of time: approved 14C calibration or freedom of choice? Quarterly Review of Archaeology, 79 (306). pp. 944-948.

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