Imaging domain dynamics by combined XRD-DMA

Redfern, S. A. T. and Harrison, R. J. (2005) Imaging domain dynamics by combined XRD-DMA. Microscopy and Analysis, 19 (1). pp. 5-7.

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Understanding the fundamental atomic-scale processes responsible for the bulk physical properties of solids has long been the aim of structural physics. Historically, there has been a strong emphasis on the understanding of the properties of crystalline materials from a structural crystallographic perspective. The majority of this work has, of course, focused on the information that can be gained from Bragg scattering of X-rays. The development of large linear and area detectors over the last decade has, however, opened up the way for rapid analysis of both diffuse and Bragg scattering over large volumes of reciprocal space. Over this period methods have been developed for systematically exploiting positionsensitive detectors with thousands of detection channels working in parallel, and area detectors that, by parallelisation, are able to collect data at rates six orders of magnitude greater than those of traditional instruments. This means that microstructural and mesoscopic structural features such as transformation twins may now be investigated directly by laboratory X-ray scattering techniques.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: 2005 AREP IA46 2005 P IA48
Subjects: 03 - Mineral Sciences
Divisions: 03 - Mineral Sciences
Journal or Publication Title: Microscopy and Analysis
Volume: 19
Page Range: pp. 5-7
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Date Deposited: 22 Dec 2010 17:24
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