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Butterfield, N. J. (2020) Constructional and functional morphology of Ediacaran rangeomorphs. Geological Magazine. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Ortega-Hernández, Javier and Van Roy, Peter and Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy (2015) A new aglaspidid euarthropod with a six-segmented trunk from the Lower Ordovician Fezouata Konservat-Lagerstätte, Morocco. Geological Magazine, 153 (3). pp. 524-536. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Anenburg, Michael and Bialik, Or M. and Vapnik, Yevgeny and Chapman, Hazel J. and Antler, Gilad and Katzir, Yaron and Bickle, Mike J. (2014) The origin of celestine–quartz–calcite geodes associated with a basaltic dyke, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel. Geological Magazine, 151 (05). pp. 798-815. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Page, A. A. and Meinhold, Guido and Le Heron, D. P. and Elgardy, Mohamed (2013) A new species of graptolite from the western margin of the Kufra Basin, Libya. Geological Magazine, 150 (4). pp. 743-755. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy and Ortega-Hernández, Javier and Kier, Carlo and Bonino, Enrico (2013) Occurrence of the Ordovician-type aglaspidid Tremaglaspis in the Cambrian Weeks Formation (Utah, USA). Geological Magazine, 150 (05). pp. 945-951. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy and Ortega-Hernández, Javier and Zhu, Xuejian (2013) The first aglaspidid sensu stricto from the Cambrian of China (Sandu Formation, Guangxi). Geological Magazine, 150 (03). pp. 565-571. DOI

Treagus, Jack E. and Treagus, Susan H. and Woodcock, Nigel H. (2013) The significance of the boundary between the Rhoscolyn and New Harbour formations on Holy Island, North Wales, to the deformation history of Anglesey. Geological Magazine, 150 (03). pp. 519-535. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Zalasiewicz, J. A. and Page, A. A. and Rickards, R. B. and Williams, M. and Wilby, P. R. and Howe, M. P. A. (2013) Polymorphic organization in a planktonic graptoloid (Hemichordata: Pterobranchia) colony of Late Ordovician age. Geological Magazine, 150 (1). pp. 143-152. DOI

Walker, Richard T. and Ramsey, Lucy A. and Jackson, James (2011) Geomorphic Evidence for Ancestral Drainage Patterns in the Zagros Simple Folded Zone and Growth of the Iranian Plateau. Geological Magazine, 148 (5-6). pp. 901-910. DOI

Jackson, James (2011) Review of: Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Zagros and Makran During the Mesozoic–Cenozoic. Geological Society Special Publication 330. Geological Magazine, 148 (5-6). p. 1018. DOI

Treagus, Jack E. and Treagus, Susan H. and Woodcock, Nigel H. (2011) Major folds affecting the Lower Old Red Sandstone Group at Lligwy, Anglesey, North Wales, and their regional significance. Geological Magazine, 148 (4). pp. 644-654. DOI

Magloughlin, Jerry F. and Woodcock, Nigel H. and Mort, Kate (2010) Discussion of 'Classification of fault breccias and related fault rocks', by Woodcock & Mort: the particular problem of pseudotachylyte. Geological Magazine, 147 (6). pp. 971-973. DOI

Zhao, X. -J. and Benson, R. B. J. and Brusatte, S. L. and Currie, P. J. (2010) The postcranial skeleton of Monolophosaurus jiangi (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Middle Jurassic of Xinjiang, China, and a review of Middle Jurassic Chinese theropods. Geological Magazine, 147 (1). pp. 13-27. ISSN 0016-7568 DOI

Zalasiewicz, J. A. and Taylor, L. and Rushton, A. W. A. and Loydell, D. K. and Rickards, R. B. and Williams, M. (2009) Graptolites in British Stratigraphy. Geological Magazine, 146 (06). pp. 785-850. DOI

Wright, V. and Woodcock, N. H. and Dickson, J. A. D. (2009) Open fissures along faults: Variscan examples from Gower, South Wales. Geological Magazine, 146 (6). pp. 890-902. DOI

Anderson, L. I. (2009) Reviews:Thomson, K. 2008. The Legacy of the Mastodon. The Golden Age of Fossils in America. xvii + 386 pp. Geological Magazine, 146 (6). pp. 941-942. DOI

MANNIK, P. and BOGOLEPOVA, O. K. and POLDVERE, A. and GUBANOV, A. P. (2009) New data on Ordovician-Silurian conodonts and stratigraphy from the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, Russian Arctic. Geological Magazine, 146 (4). pp. 497-516. DOI

Holness, M. B. and Winpenny, B. (2009) The Unit 12 allivalite, Eastern Layered Intrusion, Isle of Rum: a textural and geochemical study of an open-system magma chamber. Geological Magazine, 146 (3). pp. 437-450. ISSN ISSN: 0016-7568 EISSN: 1469-5081 DOI

NICOLL, GRAEME R. and Holness, Marian B. and TROLL, VALENTIN R. and DONALDSON, COLIN H. and HOLOHAN, EOGHAN P. and EMELEUS, C. HENRY and CHEW, DAVID (2009) Early mafic magmatism and crustal anatexis on the Isle of Rum: evidence from the Am Màm intrusion breccia. Geological Magazine, 146 (03). p. 368. ISSN 0016-7568, ESSN: 1469-5081 DOI

Feist, R. and McNamara, K. J. and Cronier, C. and Lerosey-Aubril, R. (2009) Patterns of extinction and recovery of phacopid trilobites during the Frasnian-Famennian (Late Devonian) mass extinction event, Canning Basin, Western Australia. Geological Magazine, 146 (1). pp. 12-33. DOI 0.1017/S0016756808005335

Benson, R. B. J. and Xing, Xu (2008) The anatomy and systematic position of the theropod dinosaur Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis Hu, 1964 from the Early Cretaceous of Alanshan, People's Republic of China. Geological Magazine, 145 (6). pp. 778-789. DOI

Woodcock, N. H. and Mort, K. (2008) Classification of fault breccias and related fault rocks. Geological Magazine, 145 (3). pp. 435-440. ISSN 0016-7568 DOI

Brown, P. E. and Ryan, P. D. and Soper, N. J. and Woodcock, N. H. (2008) The Newer Granite problem revisited: a transtensional origin for the Early Devonian Trans-Suture Suite. Geological Magazine, 145 (2). pp. 235-256. DOI

Feist, R. and McNamara, K. J. (2007) Biodiversity, distribution and patterns of extinction of the last odontopleurid tilobites during the Devonian (Givetian, Frasnian). Geological Magazine, 144 (5). pp. 777-796. DOI

Harland, W. B. (2007) Origins and assessment of snowball Earth hypotheses. Geological Magazine, 144 (4). pp. 633-642. DOI

Maidment, S. C. R. (2006) A review of Late Jurassic stegosaurs (Dinosauria, Stegosauria) from the People's Republic of China. Geological Magazine, 143. pp. 621-634.

Holness, M. B. and Martin, V. M. and Pyle, D. M. (2005) Information about open-system magma chambers derived from textures in magmatic enclaves: the Kameni Islands, Santorini, Greece. Geological Magazine, 142 (6). pp. 637-649. DOI

Rayfield, E. J. and Barrett, P. J. and McDonnell, R. A. and Willis, K. J. (2005) A Geographical Information System (GIS) study of Triassic vertebrate biochronology. Geological Magazine, 142. pp. 327-354. DOI

Vandenbroucke, T. R. A. and Rickards, R. B. and Verniers, J. (2005) Upper Ordovician chitinozoan biostratigraphy from the type Ashgill area (Cautley district) and the Pus Gill section (Dufton district, Cross Fell Inlier), Cumbria, Northern England. Geological Magazine, 142. pp. 783-807. DOI

Grazhdankin, D. and Seilacher, A. (2005) A re-examination of the nama-type Vendian organism Rangea schneiderhoehni. Geological Magazine, 142 (5). pp. 571-582. DOI

McNamara, K. J. and Yee, C. A. (1989) A new genus of brissid echinoid from the Miocene of Australia. Geological Magazine, 126 (2). pp. 177-186.

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